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Friday, November 15, 2013

The luck of company

WHY?  Why when company comes it either gets cool or rains OR BOTH?  We just had pretty day after pretty day.  And now we have Nancy, Stacy, and Jasmine visiting and it is cool and misty.   Ugh!!   I still can't upload pics and don't know why.   I might have to begin a new blog so this post is mostly words.  Rug was cleaned, tile and grout also cleaned by a floor company.  Everything is a clean as it can be for the guests coming in the next for weeks.  Holiday seasons are wonderful.   For 36 years as a band director there was always the stress of holiday concerts and I would say I would thoroughly enjoy the first few holiday seasons in which I could go enjoy the holiday musical festivities rather than be in charge of them.   And as much as I miss the concerts back at HMS, I don't miss the stress.  
Well, since I can't upload pics yet, how about I do something that I see on another blog with Thanksgiving coming:

1.  Family - We are so, so close and always there for each other.  Sometimes we annoy each other but love always wins out.

2.  Move - I am so glad we were brave enough to make the move to Florida. It would of been so easy to chicken out.

3.  Family and friends close - Even though we moved 900 miles away, we still have kept close ties to friends and family members.  So important to our happiness.

4. Kacey - Love my little doggy.

5.  Disney World - Hey!   I finally live in the same state as Disney World but it is 7 hours away.    What a bummer!

6. Fish Dinners - I love fresh fish which is convenient for where I live.

7.  Glasses that don't slip - I have new glasses that never slip down my nose.   Ahhhhh!  One less aggravation in my life!

8.  No frizzies - Don't ask me why but my hair doesn't get frizzy here.  I don't know why but after having that problem most of my life, it is wonderful.

9.  Safety - We live in a pretty safe neighborhood with service men in the air force around us.  Makes you feel pretty darn safe.

10.  The bears -  We have bears living by us but I NEVER get to see the bear.   Everyone else does.   He gets into our garbage, poops in our yard, but will he show himself to me?  NO!!!  But I like knowing they live close.

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