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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Red, White, and Blue Memorial Day Week-end

Memorial Day Week-end is here!  To honor our Veterans, I have taken pictures of things that are red, white, or blue.  My Dad was in the Navy, matter of fact, he was stationed here in Pensacola.  (I was born on the base.)

So here we go with my red, white, or blue pictures:

One of Mom and Dad's craft items when they were in the craft business.

Our red hummingbird feeder but it does not attract the hummingbirds yet.  Here we are birdies!

This red canna is growing almost as tall as the house!

Our flag is usually up every day, not just Memorial Day week-end.

Beautiful, blue Florida skies with white clouds.

The lighthouse quilt hanging that my friend Betty made for me.

I love this serving plate.   I thought the price was $18.95 and it rang up $89.95!  I guess I needed new glasses.   I bought it anyway.

 ME taking a picture of my red Canon.  I really wanted a red one - not black - and had to fight for it at Best Buy.   My friend Nicole was with me and I laughed when she said to the sales lady, "Isn't this Best Buy?  Best Buy or WHAT!"
Happy Memorial Day to all and let's all remember what Memorial Day is really all about!
                                                           Take Care All!

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