Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day at Baytowne Warf

I wanted to have a very busy Mother's Day planned for Mom so I think I accomplished my goal.
Off we went to Church.   We hurried home and picked up Dad and headed one hour  east down 98 to Baytowne Warf.  I had never been there but have seen pictures.  WOW!   So pretty -so very pretty.   Here are some of my pictures.

Cute shops throughout the village.  The majority of the shops are restaurants as far as I could see.   But there are other shops to enjoy also.   It must be beautiful at night.

This is a definite stop for friends and family visiting.

How about a doggy fountain on a hot day.


Could she look too much more Floridian?

A Mother and Daughter pose.

A sprinkled waffle cone.   Yummy!

Living the dream!

Ron sent Mom something special for Mother's Day.   We all enjoyed these chocolate covered strawberries.   Send more please!

We ended the day at a concert on the beach featuring the Pensacola Orchestra.  They perform a Mother's Day Pops Concert every year.  No one cooked because we stopped and picked up some hotdogs at Sonic's and ate on the beach.
                                                            Next month is Father's Day.   What to do, what to do............

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