Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well, we had an unwanted guest.   This guest was not invited, showed up anyway, stayed too long, made a mess of our house and yard - his name was Isaac.  The weather men/woman started talking about a tropical storm way out in the Caribbean and they thought it might be a problem for the Republican Convention in Tampa.   Kathy and Terry were scheduled to visit for two days but decided that they had better head home and prepare for the bad storm.   As the next couple days went by, the storm was headed towards us.
So up went all the boards on the windows, all patio furniture came into the house with the help of Nicole, Lamont, Kray, and Elise.  We had the generator ready to start, gas to run it, and extra food and water.  Sunday night Isaac was coming towards us and we were going to leave the next morning for Sandy's in Atlanta since now they were thinking it would be a category II hurricane.  I woke up at 2:00 am and looked at the Internet and it was till coming towards us BUT by 8:00 am it had moved to the west and we would not get the worse of the storm!  Hurrah!!!
We decided to stay.   We could handle a category I.  As the storm came closer it moved over to New Orleans.  (You feel guilty in your prayers.  You pray that it does not hit your area but that, of course, means it would come on shore in another community.)  We ended up with the winds equal to a tropical storm.  Three days of winds and off and on rain was our only experience with Isaac.  So all the boards came down and furniture was put out on the patio. 

Hurricanes are nothing to ignore.  At the last second they can become a higher category and/or move to the east or west.  So it is best to prepare for the worse and hope for the best.
Things are back to normal.  Almost.  Unfortunately Dad has not been feeling well the last few days.   I think the worry and work associated with Isaac wore him down and he needs to rebuild his strength.  Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.   Mom has been going through boxes of pictures and sorting according to Kaiser - Ronschke - Thomas family.  I know she is also trying to write the names of the subjects on the back.  Big job.  I have been been to the beach once since Isaac, doing some odds and ends around the house, and working on the budget.

We are hoping to see Sandy and Robin this week-end for a short visit.  I haven't seen Robin for some time and look forward to seeing her.  Sandy is my Aunt and we went to Disney together last February.  So that is it from Pensacola for now.........Take care!

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