Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I was going through my cell phone and cleaning out pictures and came up with some pictures that I thought I would put on my blog before they get sent to the trash.
This is a great picture of Dave with the blue sky behind him.   This is how I think of Dave when he isn't around.
Mom, Dad, and I treated ourselves to Peg Leg Petes for lunch last week.   Looks like he has Mom's arm - that silly pirate.
 This truck is carrying port-0-pottys.  I loved the saying on the back.   "#1 in the #2 business."  That tickled my funny bone.
I saw this poster on Pinterest and it brought me back to my childhood.   I had this poster hanging in my room throughout junior high and high school.  I think it is true!  

When I was up in Indiana, my friend Kris gave me a packet of lights to be installed under the kitchen cabinets.  This is Dad's newest project.   It will take awhile since the outlet has to be cut out in the wall, electric ran, etc.  It is going to be great.   Thanks Kris - these are going to be wonderful!

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