Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life Happens....

Been a busy time working through a few problems this last week but we also had a wonderful visit from family.  So here we go.   Dad was not feeling so well after Labor Day Week-end for a couple of days but by Thursday evening he was really feeling bad with a terrible head-ache and a fever of 102 so off to emergency we went.  After many tests, they decided that he had an unknown viral infection.  All we could do was pour liquids down him, Tylenol, and rest.   After 4 more days, Dad was feeling better!   Yea!!!
Just in time because Robin and Sandy were coming in for a short visit and we were so excited.

 Robin is my cousin.   Isn't she a cutie!  Do you like her friend on the post behind her?
Dad, Sandy, and Robin.   They are not camera shy, are they?  Cute picture.  We went to Crabs on the beach for dinner and they got to spend some time the following day at the beach.  It was much too short of a visit.
We did get to walk on the fishing pier on Pensacola Beach.   It is the 2nd longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico. 
Warning:  Dogs should not chew gum - no matter how much they beg!
Kacey got into to some sugarless gum and I knew from a Facebook friend's comments (Colleen) that sugarless gum will kill a dog so off to the vet we went.   She was force vomited, had an IV, blood test, and stayed at the vet's office for the whole day for observation.   We returned the next day for another blood test and found that the liver count went up.  NO GOOD!  So she was put on liver medication and returned this morning for a third blood test.  YES!!  Liver counts back to normal.   I love my little Kacey and am so happy we could get her through this.   NO MORE GUM KACEY!!!   Many thanks to Colleen and her dog Butler for spreading the news on sugarless gum and dogs. I have also tried to spread the word on Facebook also.
Today we went to Taste of Pensacola Beach.   YUM.   I got sweet and sour chicken with rice and a sausage slider.   Dad had a footlong hotdog and Mom had the sweet and sour chicken and a chocolate ice cream bar.   There was live music and of course - the beach.   A wonderful day for this festival.
How about Taste of Kaiser's?   We soaked the chicken and sausage in pineapple juice and then put them on the grill.   Oh my!   So good.
Dad and I have been discussing our next project - fencing in the back yard but we will wait for the weather to cool down just a bit.  So, Dad is healthy again, Kacey is healthy again, Mom has been doing great, and I am happy.  Matter of fact, I quickly put together an 8 by 8 Shutterfly book on Thursday and got it upload.  They had a free 8 by 8 book deal going on but over by Thursday evening.   I was pretty busy with company, Dad, and Kacey and just never got around to starting the book but had it finished in 5 hours.  The first Shutterfly book I did took 2 weeks.  Hmmmm...... we will see how they compare. 
Take care everyone and have a great Sunday!

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