Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday's This and That

Today is Wednesday and my pictures are in no particular order because my thoughts are in no particular order today.   Yesterday the car got washed, waxed, and cleaned inside.  Much needed, let me tell you.  After dinner, I cut the grass and Dad did the weed-eating.  So the lawn and flowers look great today.  Today was rainy off and on but Dad and I found a window to run over and hit some golf balls.  Oh my gosh!  How sad I am at trying to hit the ball BUT I have the prettiest golf clubs there.   That's important, isn't it?
This is a picture of me at the beach before I lost my sunglasses.   Yes, I lost my $400.00 prescription  sunglasses a month ago.  And don't ask me where I lost them - I can't believe how many people have asked me that question.  If I had the answer to that question, I would have my sunglasses back.  So...... I plan on getting contacts in June and then I can buy all those fun sunglasses that you see at the stores.
After running out for pizza tonight, we drove down to Fort Pickens.  Here is someone else that was enjoying the evening after a rainy day.
Yesterday it was hot - in the low 80's and humid - and I took Kacey down to the sound.   She loved it but was overheated by the time we got home.  Pugs do not do well in heat so a cold washcloth on her head with the ceiling fan on up above her helped cool her down.  (Kacey does not like heat, cold, snow, rain, dew on the grass - very pickey little doggie.)
Aren't these flowers beautiful.   These are planted in our mailbox planter.  We will see how they do in the hot part of summer.
Like I said, no particular reason for today's blog - just odds and ends.   But isn't that life - bits and pieces of this and that?  That is what makes life interesting and fun.  I wonder what bits and pieces of this and that await me tomorrow?   Take care all.

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