Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer On The Beach

Spring is finished....even if it is only May 22.  The temperatures have been in the 80's and the afternoons have pretty warm.   I worked outside in the yard for  awhile this afternoon but then the heat gets to me and I am ready for the air conditioning.  Sunday was the sand sculpture contest on Pensacola Beach and Dad and I ran over.
When we got to the beach they had it decorated with all these flags.  So pretty against the white sand and the blue water.

This sand sculpture was coming along great. He still had a couple of hours to work on it so I am sure it ended up a winner.
This is another wonderful sand sculpture of a mermaid.   He took seaweed and made the locks of hair.

The day before we walked on the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier to see if they were catching much.  It is a long pier - I mean long - and many people enjoy paying the $1.25 to take a nice stroll on the pier especially at night.  Fishing was not great the day we were walking but I learn something from watching the people fishing every time I go. 

The pier is 1471 feet long.  Navarre but one just a bit longer a couple of years ago.  I think this is long enough though.  When you walk out to the end, you are way out in the gulf and see fish, dolphins, sting ray, and more.   So fun!
This is a view of the beach when I was about half-way down the pier. 
We have been to several concerts in the last week.  This is the Pensacola Symphony on the Beach and the next week we heard the Pensacola Civic Band in Seville Square.  Both were very enjoyable with talented musicians.  Some more news is the Shaggys opened on Pensacola Beach.  My friend Nicole and I were so proud to be the 3rd and 4th customers on opening day.  ( I am easily pleased, right?)
The food was great and the view is even better.  This is a must-stop-and-eat if you visit the beach.  We also finally called to set up for termite control.   Termites in Florida is nothing like Indiana.  It is not "if" you would get termites but more like "when".  So you set up with a company to check your house once a year and the cost includes them taking care of the problem if any termites are found.  I'll end this blog with some thoughts about the end of the school year.  The bands went to the annual Indiana Beach trip/performance today and Kelly said they did great.  I miss these days and the fun we had but I am so glad when all goes well for Kelly and the kids.   So......tonight is final Dancing With The Stars so the TV is on and what am I going to do with Monday and Tuesday tv nights now that it is over?   Hmmmm......maybe go fishing.   Take care all!

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