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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis The Season to be Jolly

What a great time we have been having the last few weeks.   Oh sure, there are errands like doctor appointments, getting license plates and license, and such but the weather has allowed for some beach days.  Thanksgiving was a wonderful day even though we were without Dave and Ron.  But as I write this, Ron will be here in 17 days and Dave in 18.  Dad and I (mostly Dad) put lots of decorations in the yard so we are very festive this year.  So are some of the neighbors!  Santa will not miss our neighborhood with all the light displays.
All the years I taught, the majority of the Christmas season was Christmas concerts, preparing for the concerts, stressing about the concerts, purchasing decorations for the get the idea.   So this is my first time to enjoy the season without the work responsibilities.  So Mom and I went to work.   We made our own swag for the front door.  Dad and I went for several walks over a week's time collecting pine cones.  We added these plus lights and ornaments to the swag.   It looks great!
Then I had a four foot tree that we placed next to the front door - also has lights.   I fell in love with a cute scrooge top hat from Hobby Lobby.  So (with a coupon) I picked it up to top off the tree. So cute.
Memories of Christmas always include cutting down the tree, snow, hot chocolate, fingers and toes cold.  Well, now new memories.  Dad putting lights on the palm tree!
Tonight, we ran over to the beach because the Margarittaville Hotel had artist showing some of the items off so we went to that. So much fun.  There was a steel drum performing adding to the festivities.
We had a young man take our picture at the hotel tonight.
Coming up in the next week is the lighted boat parade and the surfing santa parade.  I won't miss them!
Shopping is on the schedule.  Nicole, my wonderful friend down the street, and I are making lots of cookies and of course there are gifts to wrap. And the beach, oh, yes the beach.   Dad and I try to get there a couple times a week. 
It is beginning to feel more like home here - even thought when I talk about Indiana I say "home".  But memories help to make it feel like home and we have made so many wonderful memories in the last four months.   Tomorrow is Church, then finish making Christmas Cards and get the dinning room table clear of card scraps so we can start wrapping gifts.  

Miss the snow - don't miss shoveling.   Miss my bands but they are in good hands with Kelly.  Miss my brothers but they will both be here soon.   Miss my Indiana friends but I am coming to the realization that we can live apart and be close, wonderful friends.   Thank goodness for cell phones. is good.   Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

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