Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today is a great day.  Why?  Well, for several reasons.
1.  13 days till Ron comes down.
2.  14 days till Dave comes down.
3.  House is very Christmasy.
4.  I was part of the show planning with Kelly and Eric for the Holiday performances at school.
5.  My Mother and I have been wrapping Christmas gifts!
Speaking of my Mom - she is great.  I love to do things with her and I know I wear her out sometimes but maybe that is good for her.  I love to cook - she doesn't so much - so I think she enjoys me cooking dinner.  At least I hope so.
I mentioned wrapping gifts.  We moved her with an over - abundance of holiday gift wrap paper, bags, bows, and boxes.  In my opinion, that makes wrapping so fun!   Lots to choose from.  Organized the items and set up the dinning room table for a gift wrapping party.   I have been having a ball!
Now, we all have our places that we store or hide our gifts that we have bought before we have time to wrap them.  My place is in the corner in my bedroom.   Some people hide them in the closet.  But my Mom stores them in the whirlpool tub.   Huh??  I know, they are not hidden very good are they.
Yep.  Packages in the tub.  Who would of thought to look there?
Our family does Christmas stockings each year.   Of course Santa visits us!  Our stockings were old, and I mean old, and very sad looking.   So Mom and I ran to Michaels with a coupon, of course, and bought new stockings.   They hang above the fire place on the ship's wheel.  It really works out great.

Our house is very festive this it always is with candy canes shining, our manger scene, lights on the house, and other holiday decorations.  And when Jan 1 comes and we are ready to take them down, it will not be 10 degrees outside.   What a joy that will be.
The other night, Mom and Dad and I went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo's Christmas at the Zoo Lights.  It was wonderful!   More lite up than I ever expected.  I will go back again before the season is over. I know Mom loved it lots!

I got to play the disciplinarian that evening.  Some teenage boys were in the petting zoo area and hitting a steer (to be honest, I actually don't know what kind of animal it actually is).  I went over and threw on my teacher hat.  Told them in no uncertain terms that they would stop NOW and move on otherwise I would report them to the zoo officials.  When they did not move fast enough, I raised my voice a tad and said MOVE NOW!   Which they did.   Why do that to a beautiful animal.  Well, I had a half a cup of food pellets left and I gave the rest to the poor animal.  Do I talk to the animals.  Oh yes I do!  I love them all!
Well, tonight is a quiet night but tomorrow I am going shopping with my friend Nicole to the historic section of Pensacola.  So fun!   In the evening, Mom, Dad, and I are going to the Pensacola Beach Boat Parade.  I can't wait!  Mom and I have worked together to make this a wonderful holiday season for our family - the first one in Florida.  Thanks Mom - I am having fun and I love you! 

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