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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Holidays

TO THE TUNE "Oh, Christmas Tree"

Oh holidays, oh holidays,
     you went by too fast.

Oh Holidays, we welcomed you,
   Our doors were trimmed with decor from the past....

Our trees were trimmed and would sparkle and shine,
   with precious ornaments cherished like fine wine.

Our manger scene was displayed for all,
And a Church made by Grandpa with a steeple tall.

Oh Holidays it's been so fun,
     But sadly the holidays are done.

Enough of me trying to make up words to a song at 11:00 pm
I am including some pictures of our Christmas display outside.  Dad worked so hard on this.....even making a Church.  Tomorrow we will beginning the process of taking it all down.  

These pictures do not do it justice.   The lights around the house are not on, neither are the deer and manger lights.  It is beautiful!   A great memory of the 2015 Christmas in Gulf Breeze, Florida.
     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Hi Peggy. I came across your blog after doing a search for pugs in Pensacola...I have a black pug named Maisy and we live in Pensacola and I'm looking for her a sister. (Sorry for being so long winded but anyway...) I just thought I'd say HI and let you know how much I've enjoyed looking at your pics and reading your blog. *Waving* Hey neighbor!
    Peace & Love,