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Monday, December 28, 2015

Family, Shopping, The Gulf Breeze Zoo, and Gifts,

It is December 27.  What to do?  Check the Christmas sales and use the Beall's bucks.  We are completely ready for next Christmas with paper, bows, boxes, bags, and name tags.   Matter of fact, we have enough to last for 10 years!   It is just that if I see paper the is exceptionally beautiful, I must buy!!
We ate lunch at Subway - trying for healthy food again.  And I don't want to taste turkey for awhile.  I have forced myself to eat turkey sandwiches to not waste it but one can only eat so much turkey and then you want something with more kick to it.
Today it rains again with strong winds but we are fine.  It is still warm and humid.
There was only one activity I would of loved to have attended during the Christmas season and that is Winterfest in downtown Pensacola.  You ride a trolley and there are 11 stops with short performances.  For example, one is Polar Express, one stop is of course - SANTA CLAUSE and more.  Maybe next year we can attend.  It sounds so festive and fun.  But I am not complaining because we were so busy and had fun.

Christmas Gifts  
 Did we give and get Christmas gifts!
Some gifts we gave each other (5 of us and 2 dogs included)
Shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, crock pot, sandwich maker, Bath Works lotions, remote helicopter, makeup mirror, adult coloring books, food processor, gift cards for Walmart, Lowes, and Disney,  bones, doggy treats, doggy toys.
But we all agree, the best gift was that we were all together for the week to celebrate Christmas and enjoy each other!
One of the gifts Mom and Dad received is an annual zoo pass to the zoo.  So we went to the zoo on Sunday.  Here are some of the pictures. I took.   We only visited 1/3 of the zoo - more to come later.  I am sad to say that two of my favorites - Andrew and Patrick Chimpanzees have been moved to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  They do sign language - eyes, nose, ears, touch wrist for time to eat, head, ears, wave goodbye and more.  

Pretty Pink Flamingos

  Black Swans - they mate for life.

He can look out for food better from up here.

These guys are so entertaining.  Hmmmm....... but he looks grouchy today.

Natures perfection.

So gentle you can have a two year old feed them.

Having fun at the zoo.

Beautiful tigers.  The size of their paws is unbelievable! 

This silly guy wants a flower out of his reach.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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