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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Disney part 2

Two nights I began writing about our Disney vacation last week and I am settled at 10:20 to blog some more.  I did have a busy day with errands this morning, the doctor's appointment, and a trip to Pensacola Cordova Mall to pick up an order.
I've said this before - as do most retired people - HOW DID I HAVE TIME TO WORK?


We ate lunch at The Plaza - the end of main street in the Magic Kingdom.  You get lots of food for a good price.  (Mom and I shared a Plaza Club and had plenty to eat.)  Get reservations!

Dad loves his chocolate shakes.

On the monorail, and again, Mom is cold but everyone else is comfy.  

In the Floridian listening to an incredible dance band. Oh my gosh, the intonation and balance was superb.  

Here is the band in the balcony.  They have bands/orchestras every day.  It is a pleasure to enjoy this fine music while relaxing your tired feet.

I had read, IF you asked - and IF you were lucky - and IF they have any left you could get the DVC slider for free for your Magic Bands.  They secure the band so that it will not drop off.  In case you are not a Disney World visitor you may not realize that everyone now gets a Magic Band in the choice of your favorite color.  There is an electronic chip that opens your room door, lets parks recognize you park ticket, and it can also charge on your chosen credit card - if you wish.

Tikki Birds - I think.

Waiting for the African Safari.  That was wonderful.  We enjoyed it so much and that is amazing since we live next to a zoo and see animals all the time. 

I will tell you, not only do these look like the real safari trucks but that bounce and bump like them too.  

Just a few shots from the safari.   White rhino.   We see these in our zoo.  (No they are not white.)

We do not have elephants here at the Gulf Breeze Zoo and they have quite a few.  They are so beautiful and all the space in the world to roam.

Termite mounds.  No thank you.

We had to stop and wait while several giraffes crossed the road.   Slowly.  Very slowly.   No hurry at all!

Next is the show FLIGHTS OF WONDER.  It is all about birds and they are trained to fly certain routes but are not asked to do silly things like riding bikes, etc.....    The show is so respectful of the animals and wanting us to respect their needs.   Bald Eagle - one very beautiful bird.

The owl flew over us and I could feel the air move from his wings.
Now, the show was about a travel guide that is afraid of birds.  Of course, by the end of the show she absolutely loves the birds.  But she pretends to get frightened during the show and run off the stage.  Whose lap does she end up in?  Yep!  My Dad!

This was so cute and funny.  Mom loved it!

Are we tired and done with our Disney Blog????  NO!   I have part three to put together yet.  

These two might look tired but we are just resting up for our next park.  


Yes, I absolutely love Disney World and Mom and Dad have a great time.  They are 81 and 82 years old and are all over the parks.  And I do know some people don't get it but there are thousands and thousands and thousands  of us out these that believe what Walt started is magical!   We met people from many different countries that flew here just to spend two weeks at Disney World.
So, now with our DVC, we will be back in September.  I can't wait!
It is getting late - and as they say at the Polynesian....ALOHA!

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