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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 1015

It has been so long since I have written on my blog that I am anxious to get pictures and stories up.    In November for Thanksgiving we had a large group of the Thomas/Kaiser/Basala  Family here. We had so much fun and so much food. Matter of fact I think we had a pie for each person that was here. After Thanksgiving Sandy, mom, dad, and I went to Disney World which was our first trip as Disney vacation club members. Wonderful time and  I am very confident that buying into DVC was the right decision.   Before we had left in early December to Disney, we have all the Christmas lights on in front of the house and the tree was finished in the house. Our neighbors have an equal amount of lights up so we have about five  or six houses together that are very festive for the holiday season.   Once home, we finished decorating the inside of the house and mom and I concentrated on shopping for Christmas. My brothers Dave and Ron came in a week before Christmas from Indiana and spent a whole week here. We had so much fun went to the movies to see the Star Wars movie,  we had so much fun went to the movies to see the Star Wars movie,  drove north of Milton to see a farm with the wind your fall holiday lights. This far muscle big that you drove your car through the light displays. I spent a whole day shopping with David  and Ron and we ate lunch at a restaurant in historic Pensacola that I have wanted to stop at for five years. 
 Mom and dad celebrated they are 62nd anniversary On Christmas Eve.  Yes, they were married on Christmas Eve.    Dad only had one week off from the Navy so Christmas eve was it. We ran over to the beach on Christmas Day and by the way all week long it was in the mid 70s But cloudy with fog. Christmas Day was supposed to be sunny but the fog was thick and the waves were very big.
 Well, this is it for now. I can't upload pictures to the blog from my iPad right now and for some reason the computer in the family room does not want to recognize my  iPhone where all these pictures are located. Very frustrating when nothing wants to work. Maybe it's all that fog. Well I hope everyone had as wonderful of Christmas as we did.   
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

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