Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, April 9, 2012

Just A Bit More Memories....

I was looking through pictures on my IPHONE and found a few more to add. 
Just a quick shot of Mom and Kirk at Bands on the Beach.  We all went Tuesday night to hear this week's band and I believe all enjoyed it.  Warm weather and good music along with wine, strawberries, and cheese.  
Of course you take your guests to Flounders on the beach.  The food is great and you get lots... really too much food as in Betty's fish taco chips she got.  We all laughed about that!  Eat up Betty!
Betty brought us a glass ball to go with my collection in the dinning room window.  She saw it in Frankenmuth, Michigan and thought of us.  I love it.  Matter of fact, I got the idea of hanging them in the window (almost as window treatments) from her house.  Thank you Betty and Kirk!
I took Kris, Betty, and Kirk to a pottery store down the street from us.  The owner goes into Mexico - not the tourist areas - and buys up pottery to sell at her store.  Everyone bought.  Thank goodness Betty and Kirk had their car.  Kris purchased this for Mom, Dad and me and we love it!  Isn't this unique?  Just love it!
And my last picture shows what Dad and I did on Sunday.
Pensacola has finished the Maritime Ball Park for the Blue Wahoos.  Our new baseball team had its fourth game on Sunday afternoon and we had tickets.   I can't say enough about this stadium.   Beautiful view since it is right on the water, the seats are so comfy, food is NOT expensive, just a great time for everyone there.   And we won!  I am already looking to buy more tickets.
So today I cleaned, paid bills, did laundry, planted flowers, and now I am watching Dancing With The Stars and then Smash.  Just a quiet day.  After all, every day can't be a party day, can it?

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