Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Night Drive

Last night after dinner, (homemade pizza) we went for a drive down to Fort Pickens to watch the sunset.   Many people had the same thought - it is a beautiful way to finish a day.
Mom was leaning against the cement wall that is built around Fort Pickens.
The Osprey were nesting and we love to see how many nests we can find.   Also known as a sea hawk or a fish hawk, the Osprey obviously enjoy eating the fish they catch in the gulf.  They seem to like to nest in the tip top of these trees that were killed during the hurricanes. 
Dad held Kacey.   There were little red fire ants on the ground and it is not pleasant to be bitten by one of these.  They also do not brush off easily so we did not set her down.   Yes, she is spoiled.
YESTERDAY:  The Pensacola State College was having a flower and garden show yesterday in Milton.  A bit of a drive but a pretty drive for us.   It was worth it since we picked up several variety of plants to plant by the shed, including cannas and day lillies.  Also a small snowball bush that made us think of home one 2nd street in Hobart.   We had a gigantic snowball bush behind the garage that produced beautiful, large  snowballs that we would cut and bring into the house.
TODAY:  We went to see Mirror, Mirror with Nicole while her kids saw The Hunger Games in the theater next door.  Mirror, Mirror was cute and the costumes were so colorful.   It was worth seeing.   On the way home we walked through the zoo.  So that leaves tonight and I am kicking back on the computer watching Big Bang reruns.  Oh, and Kacey and I went for a walk.  She loves to go for walks but spends more time stopping to smell than walking......
 That is it for now and I hope all is good with friends and family.

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