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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Food Poisoning 101

Well, as my post title states, I had food poisoning.  That might of been the sickest I have ever been - and if you have had food poisoning, you understand.  This started with something I ate last Thursday night
and since today is the first day that I feel really good that means 4-5 days of sick.  What did I eat do you ask?  GUESS! 
Prior to being sick, we went to a nursery in north Navarre and had a wonderful lady, Diana, drive us around for two hours on a golf course to look at their plants.  We picked a date tree, 15 various day lilies, and several other plants.  All was delivered the next day so Dad and I spend the day planting the tree. 
No easy task, let me tell you!  But we got it in the whole, straight, and looking good. Next we planted 15 day lilies.   That evening I took my neighbor's son to baseball so she could get her daughter to track.  I love going to his games.  On the way home I stopped for a quick supper of chicken carry-out - MISTAKE! 
So I was too sick to help put the pine needles down but Mom and Dad did a great job.
The next picture is the final outcome of this project but it is so much prettier than it looks here.

I took this picture when it was beginning to get dark. 
We did have some help with the project.  Kacey, get your nose out of the dirt!

 I just got to talk to Kelly back at school.  Between the normal end of the school activities and she and Steve trying to sell and by a house, she is going crazy.  Well, crazier than normal Kelly.  (he-he)
I think often of my friends at school right now.   This is a stressful time with testing, end of year activities, nice weather making the kids restless and making the teachers restless.  Hang in there all!  Summer is coming!

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