Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, September 28, 2015


Almost all my pictures have to do with the #10 (just a few don't).  We will begin with the Taste of Pensacola.  I have been there 3 out of four times since our move.  There is also a Taste of Pensacola Beach which is great but I enjoy Taste of Pensacola much more.  They have craft and art tents that are all beautifully made and expensive.  Music - live music - including the Pensacola Orchestra.  And the food --every type of fried seafood you could want.   But since it is held in September, it is hot and humid.  Here is a disappointing aspect.  Parking all around the fair was $5.00 and it has all moved up to $10.  Oh, this festival is held in Seville Square which is located in historic Pensacola.

Scale in Points 1- 10
 1 = very poor
10 = Superb
Entertainment     9
Organization       10
Food                  10
Parking               5
 Price of food        8

The next pictures will pertain to a house fire down the street from us.  Just 10 months after the house fire next door.    Some friends down the street lost over $80,000. in their home due to a fire in the middle of the afternoon.  You can see from the smoke that everything just wreaks of the smokey fire fumes.  They will be able to rebuild and save some items in the house.  

My next ten is a Pinterest project that I made for under $10.  A very pretty table runner for the dinning room table for little cost.   I bought a roll of burlap from Walmart and was so happy to see that the sides were stitched so that it would not ravel.  ($4.99)
I also picked up a $3.00 roll of ribbon that had autumn leaves stamped on it in the color that I needed to go along with the dinning room chairs. You want ribbon with the wire so you can easily shape the bow.    Cut the burlap to the length you need, and tie the bow.

At Christmas time, I can remove the fall bows and add Christmas bows.  How easy is that?  I love all the burlap craft possibilities on Pinterest......some even I can make.

And I love these last pictures.  We got 10 - yes 10 inches of rain today.   No kidding!!  Kacey was holding it......she does not like to get her tootsies wet, the little diva!  Finally Dad said, that is it!  He Put on his rain gear and Kacey was dressed in her rain coat.   Now, the funny thing is she has worn this throughout the years when the rain would not stop and she seems fine with it.  It was raining in these pictures and without the raincoat, she would of wanted right back into the house.
But I love the picture.  These two are great buddies.

Because of the continuous rain it has been a quiet day.  The type of day that you don't feel guilty not doing anything......I think I would give it a 10!

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