Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a Beachy Sort of Day

Today was very sunny and close to 70 degrees in the sun so Dad and I decided to walk on the beach for awhile.   People were sunbathing, looking for shells, and walking along the shore but NO ONE was in the water past their knees.  The water temperature is 60 degrees right now.  Much warmer than Lake Michigan but still chilly to the skin.

I think the seagulls were enjoying the sunny day.   Maybe they heard the next couple of days call for rain.

There goes Dad down the beach for a walk.  How far do you think he gets before stopping to talk to someone? 

You can hardly call these waves - so calm and peaceful.  The water is also very clear so if the water was warmer, it would be great to go out a ways looking for shells.

The lifeguard hut seems lonely.   Still a month before the lifeguards return to their duties.   

I love these little footprints on the beach.  What is the saying?  "Leave only your footprints/"  

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I love this picture with the silhouettes of people fishing.   This pier is the longest in the Gulf of Mexico and usually they take the long walk out toward the end to fish but today they were fishing closer to shore and catching quite a bit.

Here comes Dad back from his walk.  Or should I say his talk.   He found someone down from Minnesota to talk to and spent most of his time talking away.  By the way, we are at the Navarre Beach here.

His beach hat.

Look who flew up to us to say good-bye as we left.

What does 31 mean?   That is how long - in months- that we have lived in Gulf Breeze.  So many memories have been made and so many to make.  It has been awhile since I have done a blog post so here are some other bits of news that I can add.

  • Mom has had a very bad cough and cold but after 8 days, she is getting better.  We were getting a little worried about her for awhile there.
  • I have a little sniffle.  Wonder where that came from?
  • The ice storm that hit the panhandle did lots of damage to palms.  It will be interesting to see what comes out of it and which plants will die off.
  • My brother Ron was hit by a hit-and -run driver a couple weeks ago and quite a bit of damage was done to his car but he is not injured.  
  • Getting ready for Solo and Ensemble at Gulf Breeze.   May I say I enjoy it so much more not being one of the directors?!   Lots less stress.   
  • Saw FROZEN.  I love FROZEN.
  • Olympics are in their first week and I so enjoy sitting down and watching them in the evening. TV programming is terrible so the Olympics give us something else to watch.
Enough for now - I think I will take my Kleenex and go to bed.  Take care all!!

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